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Payment method
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Delivery and payment
Delivery of order
Orders are not sent to individuals, but pickup is available. If you refuse to accept the goods delivered by any of the methods, the cost of delivery is paid by the customer, according to the approved rates.
Delivery is carried out to the pick-up point in your city (CDEK).

The delivery time is from 5 to 30 days by country..

You can find out the exact cost of delivery by CDEK courier service when placing an order.

Please note that CDEK courier service does not send orders on Sundays and public holidays!
Order payment
Payment for the order is carried out in one of the following ways. Upon receipt of the goods, be sure to check the package and the receipt!
  • Payment in cash
    upon receipt of the order
    You pay for your order when you receive it in cash to the courier or at the order pick-up point. Also, you can pay for the order in cash at our office. Together with the order, you receive all the documentation.
  • Online payment by wallets,
    bank card
    Payment is made through an online sales register. Online cash register is a modern high-tech payment aggregator. Various payment methods are available, from A to Z.
  • Payment by bank card
    upon receipt of the order
    You pay for your order to the courier or at the pick-up point when you receive it through a special terminal. Together with the order, you receive all the necessary documents.
  • Cashless payment for
    legal entities
    The manager prepares all the necessary documents and an invoice for the delivery of the goods. After delivery and acceptance of the goods, you will receive all the necessary documents for reporting.
  • Payment by bank
    Through any bank branch by receipt. Immediately after confirming the order, you will receive a receipt to the specified mailbox, which can be paid at any bank.
  • Disposable devices on
    credit or installments
    You choose the term of the loan and the amount of payment. The decision to grant a loan and the signing of the contract online – without a visit to the bank.
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